Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kids and Candy!!

When it comes to kids birthday parties...I think I get more excited than my kids!  I love planning every little detail!  (Probably more than even get noticed!)  Here are some of my favorite buffets!

 This was my sons 7th Birthday.  We did a Super Mario Party, and it was so much fun to decorate for!  All of the labels have Mario characters and personalized candy names...Goomba Gumballs, Luigi's Sour Straws, Mario's Fireballs...So Fun!!

Since I have all boys, I jumped on the chance to do a girly, "Peace, Love and Happiness" party for some friends of ours!  Flower Power candies & Rainbow Gummy Butterflies were my favorite!  

Another fun party was one my friend, Michelene threw a Candy Land party for 2 of her daughters.  
So Sweet!

RVC Kids movie night goodies!

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