Monday, September 13, 2010

Think Pink!!

This weekend I got to do 2 candy buffets, 
and they were both pink and black color schemes!  

The first was a light pink and black buffet for a "Evening in Paris" birthday party.
Scrumptious Strawberry puffs, Pink and Black Taffy, and layered Cotton Candy and Licorice Jelly Bellies.  To top it off, black rock candy sticks.  Tres Chic!  ;)

The second buffet was for a baby shower. 

Encore Events decorated for this shower, and it was amazingly beautiful!
The candy buffet and and our new cupcake stands were the icing! 

Taffy, Strawberry Wafer Cookies, Pink Popcorn, Pink Starbursts, and Black and White swirl suckers standing in Good-n-Plenty's!  

Pink rock candy with coconut and licorice Jelly Bellies

So excited...another pink and black event next weekend too!  :)

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